Steve Olausen

My family has set up this weblog to share the truth about my fight for freedom. Please respect my family and friends with your positive comments and support.

  1. Jalyn Schneider says:

    Steveo is a wonderful man…He has done incredible things for many people while incarcerated…I am not taking away from the victims family…I feel for the family I truly do…But Steveo was young and in thee wrong place at the wrong time…He didnt kill this man…He was there unaware of what was happening…His crime was being young and stupid…He deserves to b homes with his loved ones…The world needs more men like Steve…
    I went to visit my husband who is in the same prison…I brought my son who is austistic…Not alot of people have the patience or kindness to spend time with him…He doesnt have the patience to spend time with most people in all fairness…But Steve o my goodness spent a major part of his visit talking to my son…Helping him with memory retention excersises..It was truly wonderful to see…He has so much to offer and give to the community…Keeping him locked up is a travisity…Please everyone show ur love to this incredible man…Help us free this loving sincere compasionate man…Its time for Steveo to be home…
    Thank u,
    The Schneider family

  2. Thank you Jalyn for your kind words!

  3. Brent Temple says:

    I have known Steve for over 40 years and he was like a big brother to me. Back in the early days, my relationship with my own brother was beyond strained; but Steve stepped in an included me.
    Oddfellows Hall, the old International and the leeky radiator, and other times in my youth. Steve’s done his time. I miss him.

  4. Erica Wadsworth Phillips says:

    What happened to Steve was a life time ago and affected so many in our town terribly. I’ve thought of what had happened throughout this whole time and it upsets me to know that Steve has been behind bars all these years. There is so much to this case that needs to be told and should have been appealed. I am so sorry for the family and friends of the victim but Steve does not deserve to remain in prison for this crime. Without full research I have wondered if there was a political agenda behind this or to make a point to the public. It is time to set Steve free. Its an injustice. I am seeing others who deserve this time in prison and receive a lot less for a way bigger crime. It is my hope that an attorney would look at this case, research fully, and offer his services probono. A good life has been wasted in this prison. You have my vote to release Steve.

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