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United Way Award – Steve Olausen

This weblog is published by the family of Steve Olausen. Despite his learning disabilities during his youth, Steve has overcome many obstacles by working hard to become a better person. He received his GED while on death row, completed college courses and certifications, led a parent/youth program in the community, and was featured on “Cell Dogs” (Animal Planet).

Steve was only 18 when he was incarcerated and was naive to the judicial system. Through his own tenacity, he has become his own advocate. Because of continued financial burdens on his family, they can not afford an attorney. Over the years, his many attorneys have not been able to find him relief even though the 1989 court proved he was the least culpable and no evidence proved he killed anyone. His co-defendants pleaded guilty to the murder and changed their testimony relieving Steve of blame.

In 1989, Steve Olausen was relieved from the death penalty after it was proven his original attorney acted more like a prosecuting attorney than a defense attorney (coercing Steve to plead guilty). His new sentence: Life Without Parole. Steve has never received a jury trial (only a three judge panel) and continues to arduously work to seek the truth and gain his freedom.

The State of Nevada has released similar prisoners on parole, yet Steve continues to be denied further relief. He is not and never was a threat to society. Currently, the State of Nevada has not appointed him counsel.

Steve has a full time job without pay, and in every spare moment, continues to work on his defense. If you would like to help or support Steve, write him at:

John Steven Olausen #14804
PO Box 7000
Carson City, NV 89702

Email: freedom4SteveO@gmail.com

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