March 2013…

Currently, Steve has been denied access to his 1989 trial transcripts (which overturned his death penalty sentence to life without) because the courts say he does not have anything pending. This is not true and he has asked for the transcripts since the 1990’s through multiple attorneys with no results. Can anyone help him access those transcripts? Why is it so hard to produce them? Do they exist?

He was recently denied a post-judgement rehearing. Steve Olausen has been seeking a post-judgement hearing because evidence surfaced which was never used in either the 1979 hearing or the 1989 hearing. His initial guilty plea was a result of his appointed attorney coercing him into such a plea using the testimony of the star state’s witness. Steve had heard there might be an original testimony taken by the police of this witness who was really the only one who had anything aggravating to say other than the DA’s office,¬† but it was conveniently omitted as evidence and Steve never had access to it until it resurfaced. He only admitted guilt because he thought he had no choice based on what his attorney told him. Steve originally pled “not guilty”.

The testimony proves he was not part of any plan to kill someone and he did not know what was going on. How can an 18 year old who never lived away from home know that the judicial system is ruthless and will not follow their own laws? Are these laws just for the naive? We wonder if we need a law degree before we leave high school in order to live a free life.

According to our Declaration of Independence, the main principles of a free society are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…. and FREEDOM!



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